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*shows up at ur door 10 years after we had an argument* aND ANOTHER THING

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I have received so many messages requesting me to make this post. After looking into it, I realized why. 

The hospital was always dedicated to the treatment of tuberculosis patients, a disease that was fairly common in the early 20th Century.

It is estimated that as many as 63,000 people died as the sanatorium. Those deaths coupled with the reports of severe mistreatment of patients and highly questionable experiments and procedures are ingredients for a haunted location.

One of the most famous things about is the death tunnel. So many people were dying because of tuberculosis, that this tunnel was used to carry the bodies out without other patients having to see them. 

In room 502 (episode feature in ghost hunters), it was said that there was a murder/suicide of a nurse.  

Legend says the nurse found out she was pregnant by the owner of the sanatorium without being married and had contracted tuberculosis, so she hanged herself with a light bulb wire outside the room she was in at the time.

Ghost investigators who have ventured into Waverly have reported a host of strange paranormal phenomena, including voices of unknown origin, isolated cold spots and unexplained shadows. Screams have been heard echoing in its now abandoned hallways, and fleeting apparitions have been encountered.

You can read about one investigation case here

Visit the official website here

There is nothing on God’s earth that could persuade me to set foot near an abandoned hospital or sanatorium. Nothing, ever.

It’s really not that bad. The architecture gives it a creepy-as-fuck vibe, but the greenery around it is very lush and alive for most of the year.

There’s a company currently trying to turn it into a hotel.  http://www.whas11.com/news/local/Metro-Council-clears-the-way-for-Waverly-Hills-to-become-hotel-247837171.html

Because that will end well.

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Krzysztof Penderecki

—Threnody For The Victims Of Hiroshima



I think sixpenceee might like this— it’s not paranormal or anything, just really creepy. My music teacher played it to the class in 9th grade and only a few of us were able to listen to it all the way through, and that was with difficulty.

I can see why!